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Example of a Location card
French Lieu
German Ort
Italian Luogo
Other Information
First Set Into the Inklands
Rulings Location rulings
List of Cards (18 in total)

A Location is one of the Card Type used in Disney Lorcana and the only one introduced after the original launch starting with the third set, Into the Inklands. They are also the only Card Type with an horizontal layout instead of the standard vertical layout. They represent a place from the Disney Stories, although it's unknown if it's the place itself or a copy of it. Locations are not unique. More than 1 copy of the same location can be in play at the same time.

Location enter play from a player's hand in a variety of ways. The most common one being by exerting Ink to pay its Cost. When played, Locations are positioned horizontally to signify that they never Ready and never Exert. Locations have a Lore value which generate a set amount of Lore during the SET step of the Beginning Phase of the owner's turn.

Locations possess Willpower but have no Strength. As such, locations can be challenged at any time by opponent's characters to receive damage but won't damage them in return. Locations can be challenged even if its player has a Bodyguard character exerted in play. When the damage received by a Location is equal to or more than their Willpower, the Location is Banished and moved to the Discard pile.

Cards that remove damage must state that damage can be removed from Locations in order to affect Locations, if they state that damage can be removed from Characters it won't have an effect on Locations.

Character-Location interaction

Locations have a Move Cost that must be paid with Ink to move a Character to a Location. There is no limit to the number of Characters that can be in a Location. Characters don't exert when moving to a Location. Characters do not have to wait for their "ink to dry" to move to a Location, they can move to a Location on the turn that they are played. There are no benefits nor detriments to a Character being in a location, unless stated by an Ability. Characters may not move to an opponent's Location.

After moving to a Location, characters are not able to leave a Location. They are only able to move to a different Location, by paying the Move Cost of the second Location. Opponent's players can target a Location directly, without banishing the Characters located there first. If a Location is banished while Characters are present there, the Characters that are currently in said Location "fall off", with no repercussions other then the loss of any abilities granted by being at said Location.

Lore is gained by the Location regardless of if a Character is present in the Location at the time of the Beginning Phase.

Card Count

  Amber-Ink.png Amethyst-Ink.png Emerald-Ink.png Ruby-Ink.png Sapphire-Ink.png Steel-Ink.png Total
Location 3 3 3 3 3 3 18

Sets breakdown

Set Amber-Ink.png
The First Chapter 0 0 0 0 0 0 0
Rise of the Floodborn 0 0 0 0 0 0 0
Into the Inklands 3 3 3 3 3 3 18
Ursula's Return 0 0 0 0 0 0 0
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