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Example of a Character card
French Personnage
German Charakter
Italian Personaggio
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First Set The First Chapter
List of Cards (617 in total)

Character is one of the Card Types used in Disney Lorcana. They represent a Glimmer created by an Illumineer using magical Ink and a Story Star, therefore they are not the original characters from the Disney Stories. The Illumineer is free to create an exact copy of the character or use his immgination to create an alternative version of the character. After a magical flood of Ink a new type appeared which transformed any Glimmers of the original types that came in contact with the Flood into versions that magnify a certain trait. Each Character possesses one or more Classifications, describing their origin, alignment and race/class. Characters may possess Abilities that help them and other Glimmers. Characters are not unique. More than 1 copy of the same Character (same or different versions) can be in play at the same time.

Characters can enter play from a player's hand in a variety of ways. The most common one being by exerting Ink to pay its Cost, although this causes the Character to enter play exerted to "wait for their ink to dry" during that first turn. Characters then remain in play until they are banished. Characters are capable of using one of the following possible actions each turn while in play, each one exerts the Character for the rest of the turn:

  • Quest: Can be sent to retrieve the amount of Lore indicated in the card.
  • Challenge: Use their Strength to damage opponent's exerted Characters while using their Willpower to resist being banished.
  • Use an Ability: Some Characters have an ability that can be used at the cost of being exerted.
  • Sing: Use a Song card with lower cost.

Cards that remove Damage must state that Damage can be removed from Characters in order to affect Characters, if they state that damage can be removed from Locations it won't have an effect on Characters.

Character-Location interaction

Locations have a Move Cost that must be paid with Ink to move a Character to a Location. There is no limit to the number of Characters that can be in a Location. Characters don't exert when moving to a Location. Characters do not have to wait for their "ink to dry" to move to a Location, they can move to a Location on the turn that they are played. There are no benefits nor detriments to a Character being in a location, unless stated by an Ability. Characters may not move to an opponent's Location.

After moving to a Location, characters are not able to leave a Location. They are only able to move to a different Location, by paying the Move Cost of the second Location. Opponent's players can target a Location directly, without banishing the Characters located there first. If a Location is banished while Characters are present there, the Characters that are currently in said Location "fall off", with no repercussions.

Lore is gained by the Location regardless of if a Character is present in the Location at the time of the Beginning Phase.


There are a total of 288 characters from 46 Disney Franchises. Most characters, specially popular characters, have more than one version. Characters are not ink-exclusive so different versions of a character can be part of different inks but a particular version is always part of the same ink. As expected, the character with the most versions is Mickey Mouse with a total of 14.

Card Count

  Amber-Ink.png Amethyst-Ink.png Emerald-Ink.png Ruby-Ink.png Sapphire-Ink.png Steel-Ink.png Total
Character 101 106 102 110 98 100 617

Sets breakdown

Set Amber-Ink.png
The First Chapter 24 27 25 25 24 24 149
Rise of the Floodborn 27 27 27 26 25 27 159
Into the Inklands 23 25 25 25 22 24 144
Ursula's Return 25 25 24 25 25 24 148
Shimmering Skies 2 2 1 9 2 1 17
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