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Lorcana card layout - Non Character.jpeg
Example of a Card Layout. The Ink type gives the color to the Ink banner.
French Encre
German Tintenfarbe
Italian Inchiostro
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First Set The First Chapter

Ink is the resource of Disney Lorcana which players can use to pay for the Cost for the cost to play a card or use an ability.

Each turn, a card with the Inkwell cost icon can be placed from a player's hand facedown into their Inkwell, which can then be used to pay for the cost of cards and abilities.

All cards have an Ink cost that can be paid with the Ink in a player's Inkwell. To play a card or use a card Ability which requires Ink, the player must Exert the required amount of Ink in their Inkwell to pay for the cost of playing the card or using the ability.

Ink Types

During Spiel Essen 2022, Ravensburger announced that there would be six official Ink [1] colors. The six Ink colors are as follows.

Each card belongs to 1 of the six Ink colors.

Ink are indicated on cards in 2 areas.

You are allowed to play up to a maximum of 2 different Ink colors in your deck.[2] That allows for a maximum of 21 different combinations.

  • 6 different "pure" decks with only 1 Ink color (E.g. Pure Amethyst deck)
  • 15 different combinations of decks with 2 different Inks (E.g. Mixed deck of Amber & Sapphire)

Aside from the Ink icon shown to the left of the Card Type, the Ink of the card also affects the background color of the Card name, Strength and Willpower.

Note that the two-ink limit does not apply to sealed and draft games.


In the storyline

In the storyline, Ink is used to create Glimmers of iconic Disney characters and items. It is stored in the inkcaster in The Great Illuminary.[3]


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