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Example of a card with a Pen flavor text line

Example of a card with a Book flavor text line

Example of a card with a Treble clef flavor text line

Flavor text is information sometimes added in itallics at the bottom of the cards, usually an excerpt or a dialogue from a movie attributed or referencing the subject of the card, sometimes a Disney Lorcana game's story worldbuilding. Flavor text often provides information about the character's personality, thoughts, relationships or actions. Not all cards have flavor text.

Some cards separate the flavor text from the abilities with a line containing either a pen, a book or a treble clef. The book is used whenever the flavor text is a quote from the original Disney film that the character, item or action originates. The pen is used for texts entirely made-up as worldbuilding by the writers of Lorcana. Songs, which have a line with a treble clef separating the flavor text, indicating song lyrics.

List of flavor texts

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