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Lorcana card layout - Non Character.jpeg
Example of a Card Layout. The Ability located in the Abilities box.
French Capacité
German Fähigkeit
Italian Abilità
Other Information
First Set The First Chapter

Ability is the effect that a card has to bend the basic rules of the game, most of the time in favor of the player that plays the card. All Character's abilities and most Item's abilities have an Ability name. This name is purely flavorful and has no effect on gameplay.

Types of Abilities


Keywords are words or shortened phrases that represent a larger ability. Only Character Cards have Keyword abilities except for Sing Together which is the only Keyword that appears in Action cards.


Triggered are abilities that continuously look for a specific condition and have an effect when that condition is met.


Activated abilities have a cost and an effect that occurs if that cost is paid.


Static abilities are effects that are continuously active, either for a fixed length of time or for as long as the card generating the effect is in play.


Replacement effects are generated by some static abilities. These replace one effect with another.

Abilities in Characters

Characters may have between 3 and 0 Abilities. Cards without Abilities don't have an official name but the community uses the borrowed term "Vanilla Card" to refer to them. Normally a Vanilla Card with the same Strength, Willpower and Lore Value will cost less than a Card with Abilities to compensate. On the other hand, only 28 Character cards have 3 Abilites, the most at the time. If a Character is Exerted only passive abilities affect the game.

Keywords as Abilities

Keywords are Abilities that appear in and work in the same way for different Characters. If the Keyword is written in the Card the Character possesses the Keyword for the rest of the turn. If a Character gains a Keyword from the Ability of an Item, Action, Location or other character the Keyword will most likely be lost at the beginning of the player's next turn.

Abilities in Items

Items may have between 1 and 2 Abilities. Most abilities in Items are activated by an Ability Cost. Since Items remain in play after paying the initial cost it's possible to use most Abilities more than once if the triggering conditions are met. When an item is banished so are the passive Abilities granted by them.

Abilities in Actions

Actions have 1 Ability and they are the only Card Type that are discarded after being used. These cards never have an Action Cost.

Abilities in Locations

Locations may have between 2 and 0 Abilities. Cards without Abilities don't have an official name but the community uses the borrowed term "Vanilla Card" to refer to them. Abilities may have triggers from interactions with characters such as these moving into or from the Location or remaining on it. When a location is banished so are the Abilities granted by them.

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