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Lorcana (realm)

The magical realm of Lorcana is made up of vast regions called the Inklands. At the center of it all lies the Great Illuminary. Lorcana is notable for being the first location where Illumineers learned to use magical ink to summon Glimmers. The Flood of magic ink released by an unknowing Illumineer caused changes in the Inklands.

Alice felt quite confused. “But I don't see much ink here at all. How can the flood still be changing the Inklands?”
“Things are always changing, you know,” said the cat. “It would be quite a change if they didn't.”

Cheshire Cat - Always Grinning
Rise of the Floodborn74/204·EN·2

There seems to be a mysterious structure at the edge of Lorcana not easily accessible by boat.

The storm came out of nowhere, forcing Eric to turn back before he reached the mysterious structure at the edge of Lorcana.

Prince Eric - Expert Helmsman
Into the Inklands121/204·EN·3

The Great Illuminary

The Great Illuminary

The Great Illuminary is located at the center of the realm of Lorcana. Illumineers first arrive here under a giant Lorcana sigil in what seems to be a portal room. An immense reservoir of magical ink, the source of Lorcana's power, fills the lower reaches of the Great Illuminary where glowing lines of color flow. Although it was used ages ago as headquarters for The Curator and the Original Illumineers in their efforts to preserve Lore, it became abandoned and inhabited only by Magic Brooms repeating the same tasks. It now houses a new generation of Illumineers.

In the immense story-forge known as the Great Illuminary, there is always work to be done.

Magic Broom - Bucket Brigade
The First Chapter47/204·EN·1

Inkcasting Station


A vast atrium hall inside the Great Illuminary adorned with wide low entasis columns. A mechanism in the center of the room is used by Illumineers to create Glimmers. More than one Inkcasting Station seem to exist inside the Great Illuminary, including one covered by black ink and seaweed.

Hall of Lorcana

Hall of Lorcana

A spacious Hall adorned with bookshelves and stairways inside of The Great Illuminary. It's best known to be filled with bluish spheres that house all the items of Lore gathered by The Curator. It was the room most affected by The Flood, being inundated by magic ink after a huge wave crashed causing all of the artifacts to be washed away into the Inklands. Known artefacts to be housed in the Hall of Lorcana include:

Like so much other lore, Peter Pan's dagger was safe in the Great Illuminary until the flood.

Peter Pan's Dagger
Rise of the Floodborn135/204·EN·2

It stands in the Hall of Lorcana, waiting for someone to speak the secret words.

Into the Inklands200/204·EN·3


Summoning of a Glimmer

Glimmers are physical summons of Disney characters and items created from magical ink and based on a Story Star. Multiple copies of the same Glimmer can exist at the same time. Glimmers can naturally be Storyborn or Dreamborn, depending if they are an exact copy of the Story star or if an Illumineer reimagined it. The release of a chaotic Flood of ink brought about for either kind of Glimmer to take Floodborn characteristics. In order to summon a Glimmer an Illummineer requires an Inkcaster, a Lorebook and a Story Star's light.

Recreated by magical ink, Elsa found herself in an entirely new world. Fortunately, ice works the same way everywhere.

Elsa - Snow Queen
The First Chapter41/204·EN·1


Inkcaster found in The Great Illuminary

Inkcasters are the tool used by Illumineers to summon Glimmers. They seem to have different forms depending on their user's preferred way to express creativity. So far we have seen a giant pen like inkcaster for a writer, a guitar like inkaster for a musician and a glove like inkcaster for a software programmer. Apparently, inkcasters might be used for summoning other objects, such as edibles.

“I don't suppose y'all could whip up some more magical beignets with them inkcasters?”

Eli La Bouff - Big Daddy
Rise of the Floodborn179/204·EN·2


Lorebook found in The Great Illuminary
Lorebook backside

Lorebooks are the medium needed to summon Glimmers. An Illumineer uses an Inkcaster with magical Ink and inspiration from Story Stars on a Lorebook to trace the outline of a character before these jump out of the page. There seems to be more than one Lorebook in The Great Illuminary. A particular locked Lorebook covered with seaweed and barnacles was hidden away in a somewhat hidden Inkcasting Station. When an unknowing Illumineer used his Inkcaster to open it he unleashed an unknown evil from within its pages followed by a flood of ink.

“I'Il get to the bottom of what happened with that locked lorebook. You can count on me!”

Judy Hopps - Optimistic Officer
Rise of the Floodborn152/204·EN·2
Mysterious Lorebook found in The Great Illuminary

Story Star

A story star is a fragment of a Disney story captured and housed by enormous whirling contraptions inside The Great Illuminary. By harnessing its power, an Illumineer is able to use ink and a lorebook to create a glimmer.

The Curator

The Curator is a mysterious figure who sought to collect and preserve lore. He was both responsible for creating the contraptions that would capture and house story stars as well as the person who trained the Original Illumineers as apprentices. The Curator is also recognized as the one who discovered how to use magical ink on the pages of a lorebook to summon Glimmers. The Curator is long gone by the time the storyline of Lorcana takes place.


Ilumineers in The Great Illuminary

An Illumineer is an extraordinary and creative person summoned by a power deep within the The Great Illuminary to master the power of Lorcana. They are able to use an Inkcaster combining magical ink and the light of sory stars on a lorebook to create Glimmers.

Illumineers seek the power of knowledge-but must be aware of the price.

The Sorcerer's Spellbook
Rise of the Floodborn68/204·EN·2

Original Illumineers

The Original Illumineers were the first group of apprentices trained by The Curator to summon glimmers using story stars, lorebooks, and ink. They once roamed the halls of The Great Illuminary, but are long gone by the time the storyline of Lorcana takes place.


Shanzay after arriving to Lorcana

A young girl with purple hair who was at least the third new Illumineer summoned to Lorcana (after Venturo and Martin). She seems to be versed in the written word, having a notebook to write on even while walking. She was summoned to Lorcana after a very unsuccessful stage poetry appearance in an almost empty venue. Upon arriving to Lorcana and finding her way inside of the Great Illuminary she meets Martin and Venturo in a room with a giant mechanism towering overhead which captures story stars. She was then directed to an Inkcasting Station where she found a pen-like Inkcaster. Effortlessly she was able to summon an Hercules Glimmer.

During the events of The Flood, Shanzay witnessed from a brass-railed platform atop the Hall of Lorcana how a red spellbook and other items were carried away by a wave of ink. She makes her way to a balcony overseeing the Inklands just in time to observe the spilled ink changing the lands below.

Although not confirmed, she seems to embody the Amethyst and Steel inks.


Martin discovering a Mysterious Lorebook

A red-haired young man summoned to Lorcana before Shanzay. He seems to be musically talented since his Inkcaster has the ability to produce sounds like a guitar. He discovered a mysterious Lorebook in a somewhat hidden Inkcasting room inside of The Great Illuminary covered in seaweed and barnacles. Upon opening an unknown evil escaped from the book and a flood of ink changed Glimmers into Floodborn forms. Fleeing down a hallway before a wave of ink came crashing down carring various items he tried to stretch from a door frame to reach Triton's Trident before noticing that Venturo was also being dragged by the flood. He opted for helping Venturo out of the ink instead of gettin the Trident. They both ended in a balcony overseeing the Inklands observing the spilled ink changing the lands below.

Although not confirmed, he seems to embody the Amber and Emerald inks.


Venturo finding the Sumerian Talisman

A black-haired young man summoned to Lorcana before Shanzay. He seems to be talented with technology, referring at least to being able to understand software and circuits. He seems to harbor some romantic feelings towards Shanzay. During the events of The Flood he was examining the Lucky Dime in the Hall of Lorcana before being surprised by a sudden wave of ink. He witnessed how a Basil Glimmer he summoned before transformed into his Floodborn version and a nearby Cinderella (character) became her Floodborn version before being dragged away by the caudal ink.

To his dismay, the ink he was trapped by was rapidly flowing towards a hole in the outer wall of The Great Illuminary and falling hundreds of meters towards the Inklands. Fortunately, Martin was able to catch him and pull him out with him to a balcony overseeing the Inklands observing the spilled ink changing the lands below before being joined by Shanzay.

Some time later, Venturo spearheaded the efforts to retieve the missing items lost during The Flood. He was seen riding an Inkrunner accompanied by a Glimmer of Stitch toewards the Inklands. He was able to find the Sumerian Talisman atop a pile of golden treasure coins. Thanks to the Aurelian Gyrosensor that Tinker Bell and Audrey built for him he took off into the Inklands with them and Eric to look for the missing artifacts. Arriving to a swamp, Tinker Bell separated from the group just to find Triton's Trident. Although she flew back to alert her teammates, Venturo decided to follow the Gyrosensor's signal to find Scrooge's Lucky Dime instead. The ignored Trident was grabbed by a mysterious shadowy hand.

Although not confirmed, he seems to embody the Ruby and Sapphire inks.


The First Chapter Storyline

Illumineer's Trove's Player's Guide Storyline

The World of Lorcana

Welcome to Lorcana, an enchanted realm of imagination in a distant dimension. At the center of this realm is a wonder unto itself: the Great Illuminary. It is here Illumineers first wielded magical inks to create countless versions of Disney characters and items, which are summoned in this world as glimmers.

The Great Illuminary houses endless marvels. Enormous whirling contraptions capture colorful story stars - fragments of Disney stories. Glowing lines of color flow from room to room. And an immense reservoir of magical ink, the source of Lorcana's power, fills the lower reaches.

These wonders were created by a figure called the Curator, who sought to collect and reimagine stories by harnessing the power of story stars. By pairing their light with magical ink on the pages of a lorebook, he was able to create glimmers. He called a small group of imaginative apprentices to help him in this work, naming them Illumineers. Together they filled the halls with glimmers and the lorebooks they're inkcast out of - all especially valuable lore in Lorcana.

Ages passed. The Curator and original Illumineers are now gone, but a power deep within the Great Illuminary has awakened. Its call sounds throughout the world, summoning extraordinary and creative people to master the power of Lorcana. New Illumineers must resume the great work of the Curator to collect and preserve lore. Glimmers will then roam the Illuminary again.

Come discover the wonder and magic of Lorcana. This age is yours.

Shanzay arrives in Lorcana

Shanzay arrives in Lorcana

The story of Shanzay and every Illumineer deemed talented enough begins when the are teleported to Lorcana. Appearing in a room over a giant sigil, they find other Illumineers already there eager to meet the new member.

A little ingenuity and a lot of heart will take you far in this world.

Belle - Inventive Engineer
The First Chapter141/204·EN·1

Story videos

The Story Begins The Power of an Illumineer

Rise of the Floodborn Storyline

Illumineer's Trove's Player's Guide Storyline

The Flood Unleashed

The Great Illuminary is humming with activity. After an age of empty hallways-except for the occasional magic broom, of course-clusters of Illumineers hurry from room to room once more. New arrivals stare around in wonder, both at the marvels of the Illuminary and at the character glimmers passing by.

Shanzay, a new Illumineer, stands before an open lorebook. Her imagination has been burning steadily since she arrived, and she has an idea for a new glimmer. But as she grips her inkcaster, the floor beneath her rumbles and shakes.

Something isn't right. She sprints out from her inkcasting station and down the arched hallway. Just as she rounds a bend, she hears a loud CRASH. An Illumineer she doesn't know stumbles from a doorway. Reaching him, Shanzay glimpses the ruins of a shattered ink column beyond and magic ink spilling across the floor. The shaken Illumineer waves off her concern as more rumbles and cries pull her onward.

Just ahead, a brass-railed platform overlooks the crown jewel of the Illuminary: the Hall of Lorcana. Below, Shanzay sees an Illumineer beckon others over to a large shining sphere containing a red spellbook. Soon the group surrounds it, quickly diving into an animated discussion.

Then the wave comes.

With a thunderous crash, a mass of all six inks floods into the room from somewhere beneath her. It collides with the low, free-standing displays that hold faintly glowing items of lore-everything from magic mirrors to enchanted armor-and they tumble into the rising tide. When it slams into the spellbook sphere, the wave knocks the book loose and carries it away, leaving the admiring Illumineers struggling to regain their footing in the ink.

Shanzay spots a spiral staircase and rushes down it to help the Illumineers. Another wave of mixed ink surges into the room, and she gasps as she spies a pair of glimmers climbing atop a large bench.

When the wave sprays them, both the Cogsworth glimmer and the Belle glimmer are obscured by brief swirls of light. One fades to reveal the small walking clock aged at least a hundred years, with silver glinting on his newly serene face. The other light shimmers out, and a transformed Belle appears poised for adventure. She wears a green cloak and black breeches, with a bow slung over her shoulder and roses in her quiver. She looks down at herself and laughs in delight as Cogsworth admires his new walking stick.

Startled, Shanzay blinks in bewilderment. She's never seen anything like this. What does it mean?

She looks around for the Illumineers and sees that they've pulled themselves up onto a pedestal holding a brightly glowing gem. They're safe ... for now. Mixed ink is still spilling through the cavernous room, carrying away pieces of lore. Shanzay frowns, narrowing her eyes at a sudden thought.

Where is it all going?

She climbs over the railing to drop onto a nearby bookshelf, then leaps from bookshelf to pedestal to bookshelf, following the flowing ink until she spots a terrace that looks out from the Great Illuminary. When she finally reaches it, her friends Martin and Venturo seem to have just arrived themselves. Martin shakes his head at her in shared disbelief, while Venturo catches his breath. Once at the railing, she can only stare at the unceasing flood of mixed ink and lore that cascades from the Great Illuminary down to the Inklands far below. The damage to the Hall of Lorcana is just the beginning.

Hearing something behind her, Shanzay turns to see a group of transformed glimmers approaching, still sparkling from the flood of mixed ink and talking over each other in excitement. She recognizes them, but like Belle and Cogsworth, they've been changed into something new.

Shanzay's mind races. Did this unpredictable mixed ink affect any of the glimmers she herself cast? Did the flood carry any away? Were other Illumineers in trouble somewhere? And what could unleash such chaos and destruction?

Enough questions. Shanzay turns to her friends."We've got to figure out what happened," she says."You coming?"

The air of excitement within the Great Illuminary now carries an occasional chuckle or low, rumbling laugh as more and more transformed "floodborn" glimmers appear. Thanks to the constantly flowing ink, their numbers steadily rise.

As rumors of an escaped threat spread, apprehension shades the halls of the Illuminary and the Illumineers act with greater caution. If this seismic event was intentional, whoever-or whatever-caused it could be hiding anywhere.

One thing is certain: a massive shift has occurred- a shift Lorcana will feel for a very long time.

The Flood

A wave of ink destroys the Hall of Lorcana

Martin opened a mysterious Lorebook, starting a flood of magical Ink that washed away the items guarded in the Hall of Lorcana. Amongst them, the most important spellbook.

“We can confirm the ink flood was caused by an explosion. We have it under control-now clear the area.”

Chief Bogo - Respected Officer
Rise of the Floodborn175/204·EN·2

“Let me get this straight. Your ‘magic’ spellbook got washed away in a flood of ‘magic’ ink?”

Cobra Bubbles - Just a Social Worker
Rise of the Floodborn4/204·EN·2

Story videos

A Mysterious Locked Lorebook The Roar of Rushing Ink

Into the Inklands Storyline

Recovering the Artifacts

Venturo and team recovering Items

Illumineers enlisted Glimmers to help them search for the lost lore after The Flood. One of the most important items was the spellbook.

The Illumineers needed someone to find a missing spellbook, and Peter was the first to volunteer.

Peter Pan - Lost Boy Leader
Into the Inklands82/204·EN·3

The glow of lore in the flood caught her eye. “The spellbook!” she cried. “Don't let it get away!”

Queen of Hearts - Impulsive Ruler
Rise of the Floodborn119/204·EN·2

Story videos

Venturing into the Inklands

Ursula's Return Storyline

Deep Trouble

The three Illummineers confront the powerful Usrula Glimmer

A lone Bruno Madrigal Glimmer in a dark and gloomy cave peeks into the future by command of the powerful Ursula Glimmer that escaped from the hidden Lorebook. The prophecy foretells that the three Illumineers will challenge her and her army of controlled Glimmers.

Story videos

The Prophecy and the Battle