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Ruby Ink icon
French Rubis
German Rubin
Italian Rubino
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First Set The First Chapter
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Ruby is one of the six official Ink colors as revealed by Ravensburger during Spiel Essen 2022.[1]

Each card belongs to 1 of the six available ink colors. Deck building restrictions in Core Constructed format allow up to 2 different ink colors in a deck in no particular proportion. Other Formats allow for any combination of colors.

Ruby Ink has been described by the Lorcana team as “Daring Ruby glimmers often leap without looking.”[2], which along with their many Characters with Evasive hints that Ruby Ink is a theme that focuses on gaining Lore and not having to worry about what the opponent has on their board.

"Ruby glimmers are daring. They use their speed and bravery to defy the odds. They are often warriors, explorers, and daredevils."[3]

Ravensburger Creative Director Shane Hartley shared more characteristics for Ruby Glimmers, stating that "Ruby glimmers are daring; this is the ink of the speedsters, the brave and the risk-takers. We purposely created an asymmetrical design for this icon to show how these glimmers leap right into action."[4]


Banishing Characters

Ruby glimmers have the ability to banish opposing characters. This ability is found on Maleficent - Monstrous Dragon, Moana - Chosen by the Ocean, Be Prepared, Dragon Fire, Poisoned Apple, and Sword of Truth.


Ruby glimmers have access to the Evasive keyword, as shown on Goofy - Daredevil, Mickey Mouse - Brave Little Tailor, Pongo - Ol' Rascal, and Tigger - Wonderful Thing.

It shares this ability with Amethyst and Emerald. However, Ruby is only able to have Evasive itself. It cannot grant Evasive to others. Despite that, Ruby does get Evasive more frequently than Amethyst.


Ruby glimmers are able to exert opposing characters, as shown on Poisoned Apple. It gets this ability less frequently than Amethyst does.

Granting Reckless

Ruby glimmers have the ability to grant Reckless to opposing characters, as seen on Captain Hook - Ruthless Pirate. It gets this ability far less frequently than Emerald does, and is far more limited when it does get it.

Lore Increase

Ruby glimmers can increase the lore of other characters, as shown on Mulan - Imperial Soldier. Unlike other inks that can increase the lore of characters, a Ruby glimmer only increases the lore of others, not of itself.

Lore Point Gain

Ruby glimmers can gain lore points with card effects directly, rather than needing to quest, such as with Aladdin - Heroic Outlaw. It shares this ability with Steel.

Lore Point Loss

Ruby glimmers have the ability to cause opponents to lose lore points, as shown on Aladdin - Heroic Outlaw, Aladdin - Street Rat, Rapunzel - Letting Down Her Hair, and Tangle. It gets this ability more frequently than Amethyst and Emerald.


Ruby glimmers can ready their exerted characters, as shown on Elsa - Ice Surfer, LeFou - Instigator, Scar - Shameless Firebrand, Fan the Flames, and Shield of Virtue. This comes with the downside of being unable to quest. It gets this ability more frequently than Amber and Sapphire.


Ruby glimmers have access to the Reckless keyword, though this is typically a downside. It is seen on cards such as Gaston - Arrogant Hunter, Maui - Hero to All, and Te Kā - The Burning One.


Ruby glimmers have access to the Rush keyword, as shown on Captain Hook - Ruthless Pirate, Maui - Hero to All, and Peter Pan - Fearless Fighter.

In addition to having this keyword, they can also grant this ability to others, as seen on Cut to the Chase.


As Shift appears on all Floodborn cards, this includes Ruby glimmers such as Aladdin - Heroic Outlaw and Scar - Shameless Firebrand.

Strength Increase

Ruby glimmers have the ability to increase the strength of characters, as shown on He's Got a Sword!. It gets this ability less frequently than Emerald.


Mickey Mouse - Brave Little Tailor


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