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Amethyst Ink icon
French Améthyste
German Amethyst
Italian Ametista
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First Set The First Chapter
List of Cards (137 in total)

Amethyst is one of the six official Ink colors as revealed by Ravensburger during Spiel Essen 2022.[1]

Each card belongs to 1 of the six available ink colors. Deck building restrictions in Core Constructed format allow up to 2 different ink colors in a deck in no particular proportion. Other Formats allow for any combination of colors.

"Amethyst glimmers are wondrous, for this is the otherworldly ink of sorcerers, sages, animated objects, and other glimmers who use their special powers to achieve their aims. They are incredibly powerful when they have access to their amazing abilities but may land in trouble if they’re stripped of those or tap into power they can’t control."[2]

Ravensburger Creative Director Shane Hartley shared more characteristics for Amethyst Glimmers, stating that "Amethyst glimmers are incredibly powerful and use otherworldly powers and arcane abilities to achieve their goals. Amethyst was probably the first icon we did and were happy with, although it was also tricky. Our first iterations of this icon leant itself more to villains, which isn’t an accurate representation of the inks. It took some work to get to a version that looked good for heroes, too."[3]



Amethyst glimmers can return cards in play back to their players' hands. This ability is seen on Befuddle. While Amethyst does get this ability, it is more limited and less frequent than on Emerald cards.


Amethyst glimmers care about the Broom classification, as seen on Mickey Mouse - Wayward Sorcerer.

Card Draw

Amethyst glimmers have access to powerful card-drawing effects, such as Maleficent - Sorceress, The Queen - Wicked and Vain, Ursula - Power Hungry, Friends on the Other Side, and Magic Mirror.

The card Jafar - Keeper of Secrets acts as a payoff for the card draw, with its strength increasing based on the number of cards in its player's hand.

Amethyst has far more card draw than any other ink.

Card Filtering

Amethyst glimmers can filter the top card of the deck to influence what they draw. This ability is seen on Dr. Facilier - Remarkable Gentleman, Yzma - Alchemist, Reflection, and Ursula's Cauldron.


Amethyst glimmers have access to the Challenger keyword, as shown on Dr. Facilier - Charlatan, Jafar - Wicked Sorcerer, and Zeus - God of Lightning.

In addition to having the keyword, they also have the ability to grant it to others, as seen on Tinker Bell - Peter Pan's Ally.

Discard Recovery

Amethyst glimmers can recover cards from the discard pile, as seen on Dr. Facilier - Agent Provocateur, Magic Broom - Bucket Brigade, Marshmallow - Persistent Guardian, and Mickey Mouse - Wayward Sorcerer.


Amethyst glimmers have access to the Evasive keyword, as shown on Jetsam - Ursula's Spy, Pascal - Rapunzel's Companion, and Tinker Bell - Peter Pan's Ally.

In addition to having the keyword, they also have the ability to grant it to others, as seen on Jetsam - Ursula's Spy.

Though it shares this ability with Emerald and Ruby, Amethyst seems to get it less frequently than either of them.


Amethyst glimmers can exert opposing characters, as seen on Elsa - Snow Queen, Elsa - Spirit of Winter, and Freeze. It gets this ability more frequently than Ruby does.

Lore Point Loss

Amethyst glimmers are able to take away opponents' lore points, as shown on Ursula - Power Hungry. It gets this ability less frequently than Ruby.

Prevention of Readying

Amethyst glimmers can prevent opposing characters from readying at the start of the turn, as seen on Anna - Heir to Arendelle and Elsa - Spirit of Winter.


Amethyst glimmers have access to the Rush keyword, as shown on Flotsam - Ursula's Spy, Rafiki - Mysterious Sage and Zeus - God of Lightning.

In addition to having the keyword, they also have the ability to grant it to others, as seen on Flotsam - Ursula's Spy and White Rabbit's Pocket Watch.


As Shift appears on all Floodborn cards, this includes Amethyst glimmers such as Dr. Facilier - Agent Provocateur and Elsa - Spirit of Winter.


Elsa - Snow Queen


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