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French Acier
German Stahl
Italian Acciaio
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First Set The First Chapter
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Steel is one of the six official Ink colors as revealed by Ravensburger during Spiel Essen 2022.[1]

Each card belongs to 1 of the six available ink colors. Deck building restrictions in Core Constructed format allow up to 2 different ink colors in a deck in no particular proportion. Other Formats allow for any combination of colors.

Steel Ink has been described by the Lorcana team as “Steel glimmers rely on brute force to forge ahead.”[2], which seems to hint that Steel Ink will play agressively in comparison to the other Ink types.

"Steel glimmers are strong. Large and imposing, armored, or just plain powerful, Steel glimmers can apply huge amounts of brute force to get the job done."[3]

Ravensburger Creative Director Shane Hartley shared more characteristics for Steel Glimmers, stating that "Steel glimmers are strong and can be large, armored, or just plain powerful. The idea of a defensive fortress is something we had very quickly, but the refinement actually took a while, as we wanted to make sure it was also a symbol of strength and force."[4]


Banishing Items

Steel glimmers can banish items that are in play, as seen on Beast - Hardheaded and Break.


Steel glimmers have access to the Bodyguard keyword, as seen on Donald Duck - Musketeer, Hercules - True Hero, and Mickey Mouse - Musketeer. It shares this keyword with Amber.

Card Draw / Discard

Steel glimmers do have access to card draw, but only when discarding cards as well, such as with Simba - Future King, Tinker Bell - Tiny Tactician, A Whole New World, and Ransack.

If no cards are present in a player's hand, then they may draw without discarding, by using Beast's Mirror.

The card Musketeer Tabard also allows for card draw without discarding, despite being a Steel card.

Steel card draw is more powerful and more frequent than that of Amber or Sapphire, though still less so than Amethyst. With A Whole New World, Steel can use this to force the opponent to discard, which is unique. Though raw discard is still primarily found in Amber and Emerald, not Steel.

Challenge Prevention

Steel glimmers can prevent the opponents from challenging, as seen on Captain Hook - Thinking a Happy Thought, Gantu - Galactic Federation Captain, and Frying Pan.


Steel glimmers have access to the Challenger keyword, as shown on Captain Hook - Forceful Duelist, Captain Hook - Thinking a Happy Thought, Prince Eric - Dashing and Brave, and Simba - Returned King.

Unlike Amethyst, Steel is only able to have the ability itself, and is unable to grant the ability to others.


Steel glimmers are able to damage opposing characters directly, such as with Hans - Thirteenth in Line, Tinker Bell - Giant Fairy, Fire the Cannons!, Grab Your Sword. Plasma Blaster, and Smash.

The card Captain Hook - Captain of the Jolly Roger is able to recover Fire the Cannons! from the discard pile, thereby enabling further direct damage for Steel.

Defensive Evasive

Steel glimmers can have Evasive during your turn only, enabling them to challenge characters with Evasive, while not evading challenges themselves. This ability can be seen on Donald Duck - Musketeer and Simba - Returned King. It shares this ability with Sapphire.

Lore Increase

Steel glimmers can increase their own lore, such as Starkey - Hook's Henchman. Unlike Ruby and Sapphire, a Steel glimmer only increases its own lore, not those of others. Amber also has this limitation.

Lore Point Gain

Steel glimmers can gain lore points with card effects directly, rather than needing to quest, such as with Simba - Rightful Heir and Te Kā - Heartless. It shares this ability with Ruby.


Steel glimmers care about the Musketeer classification, as seen on Donald Duck - Musketeer and Mickey Mouse - Musketeer. It shares this ability with Amber.


Steel glimmers care about the Pirate classification, as seen on Starkey - Hook's Henchman.


As Shift appears on all Floodborn cards, this includes Steel glimmers such as Captain Hook - Thinking a Happy Thought and Tinker Bell - Giant Fairy.

Strength Increase

Steel glimmers can increase the strength of characters, as seen on Mickey Mouse - Musketeer. It gets this ability less frequently than Emerald.


Captain Hook - Forceful Duelist


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