Fire the Cannons!

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Fire the Cannons!

Card TypeAction
InkSteel Steel-Ink.png
Cost 1 Costplain.png
Deal 2 damage to chosen character.

Captain Hook: "Double the powder and shorten the fuse!"
Mr. Smee: "Shorten the powder and double the fuse!"
Illustrator: Matt Chapman
Franchise: Peter Pan


Sources: Game Trade Magazine   

Other languages

Language Name Ability
French Allumez Les Mèches! Choisissez un personnage et infligez-lui 2 dommages.
German Feuert die Kanonen! Füge einem Charakter deiner Wahl 2 Schaden zu.


Release Card No. Name Rarity
August 18, 2023 197/204·EN·1 The First Chapter Common.png Common