Card Type

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Card Type
Lorcana card layout - Non Character.jpeg
Example of a Card Layout. The Card Type located under the Ink banner, over the Abilities box.
French Type de Carte
German Art
Italian Tipo di Carta
Other Information
First Set The First Chapter

Card Type refers to the four main types of cards in Lorcana: Character, Item, Action and Location. Each card type plays in a different manner.


Card Layout
Card  Card Front (Regular  •  Foil)  •  Card Back (Regular  •  Gold)
Card Types  Action  •  Character  •  Item  •  Location
Ink Colors  Amber  •  Amethyst  •  Emerald  •  Ruby  •  Sapphire  •  Steel
Card Properties  All Card Types  Card name  •  Cost  •  Inkwell
Characters  Version  •  Classification  •  Strength  •  Willpower  •  Lore Value
Locations  Version  •  Move Cost  •  Willpower  •  Lore Value
Text Box  Ability (Keyword)  •  Flavor text (Rules of Villainy)
Rarity  Common  •  Uncommon  •  Rare  •  Super Rare  •  Legendary  •  Enchanted  •  Special Rarities (Promo  •  Mark  •  Disney 100)
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