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French Enchantée
German Verzaubert
Italian Incantata
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First Set The First Chapter

Enchanted is a type of card rarity with secret numbering above the maximum value of an expansion. They are identified by a rainbow hexagon indicated at the bottom of the card. These are not mechanically-unique cards, but are instead alternate versions of other cards found at other rarities in the expansion. As far as gameplay is concerned, the two versions are identical. Enchanted cards do not have flavor text. Enchanted rarity cards are not listed in the checklist of cards included in the player's guide that comes with the Illumineer's Trove, nor in the Companion App. They appear to be considerably less frequently found in packs than cards of any other rarity.

Enchanted cards are only available in foil. No nonfoil versions exist. Because of this, enchanted cards replace the foil in a pack. You do not get an additional foil in a pack with an enchanted card.


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