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During Spiel Essen 2022, Ravensburger announced that there would be six official Ink [1] colors. One of the Ink colors revealed is the Sapphire color.

Each card belongs to 1 of the six available ink colors. Deck building restrictions in Core Constructed format allow up to 2 different ink colors in a deck in no particular proportion. Other Formats allow for any combination of colors.

"Sapphire glimmers are intellectual. Intelligent and creative, they excel at strategy, invention, and the arts. They can almost always know something, plan something, or invent something that will win the day."[2]

Ravensburger Creative Director Shane Hartley shared more characteristics for Sapphire Glimmers, stating that "Sapphire represents glimmers who are intelligent, strategic and inventive; these are the thinkers, planners, and creators in Lorcana. This icon has elements of an eye and sacred geometry."[3]


Card Draw

Sapphire glimmers have access to small card draw effects, such as Maurice - World-Famous Inventor and Robin Hood - Unrivaled Archer.

Card Filtering

Sapphire glimmers can filter the top cards of their deck, to enable them to have more control over what they draw. This can be seen on Develop Your Brain. This ability is seen in Sapphire less frequently than in Amethyst.

Defensive Evasive

Sapphire glimmers can have Evasive during your turn only, enabling them to challenge characters with Evasive, while not evading challenges themselves. This ability can be seen on Robin Hood - Unrivaled Archer. It shares this ability with Steel.


Sapphire glimmers have the ability to remove damage counters, as shown on Jasmine - Queen of Agrabah, Coconut Basket, and Magic Golden Flower. It shares this ability with Amber, though Amber's healing tends to be more powerful.

Ink Ramp

Sapphire glimmers can put more cards into their inkwell than just the standard one-per-turn. Examples of cards that do this include Belle - Strange but Special, Gramma Tala - Storyteller, Mickey Mouse - Detective, Fishbone Quill, Let It Go, and One Jump Ahead.

The payoff for this is seen on the card Belle - Strange but Special, which has increased lore if its player has a lot of cards in their inkwell.


Sapphire glimmers are friendly to item cards, and have many abilities that interact with them. They are able to reduce the cost of items with Belle - Inventive Engineer and Maurice - World-Famous Inventor. And they can get items back from the discard pile with Tamatoa - So Shiny! and If it's Not Baroque.

The cards Ariel - Whoseit Collector and Maurice - World-Famous Inventor trigger upon their player playing an item card.

The payoff for this is seen on the card Tamatoa - So Shiny!, which has increased lore for each item that its player has in play.

Lore Increase

Sapphire glimmers can increase their own lore, as shown on Belle - Strange but Special and Tamatoa - So Shiny!. They can also increase the lore of other characters with Eye of the Fates. Sapphire is the only ink to be able to increase both its own lore and those of others, as Amber and Steel can only increase their own lore, and Ruby can only increase that of others.


Sapphire glimmers can ready themselves, as shown on Ariel - Whoseit Collector. It gets this ability less frequently than Ruby. However, Sapphire is unique in that, unlike Amber and Ruby, it still retains its ability to quest after readying its characters.


As Shift appears on all Floodborn cards, this includes Sapphire glimmers such as Aurora - Dreaming Guardian and Jasmine - Queen of Agrabah.

Strength Reduction

Sapphire glimmers can reduce the strength of opposing characters, as seen with Aurora - Briar Rose and Scar - Mastermind. It weakens the strength more than Amber does.


Sapphire glimmers have access to the Support keyword, as shown on cards like Chief Tui - Respected Leader, Merlin - Self-Appointed Mentor, and Philoctetes - Trainer of Heroes.

In addition to having this keyword, Sapphire glimmers can also grant it to others, as shown on Scepter of Arendelle and Work Together.

Turn to Ink

Sapphire glimmers can turn opposing characters into ink in their player's inkwell. This ability is seen on Hades - Infernal Schemer and Let It Go.


Sapphire glimmers have access to the Ward keyword, as shown on cards like Donald Duck - Strutting His Stuff.

In addition to having the Ward keyword, they can also grant the Ward keyword to other characters, as shown on Aurora - Dreaming Guardian.


Robin Hood - Unrivaled Archer


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