Fishbone Quill

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Fishbone Quill

Card TypeItem
InkSapphire Sapphire-Ink.png
Cost 3 Cost.png
 GO AHEAD AND SIGN  Exert.png - Put any card from your hand into your inkwell facedown.

"If you want to cross the bridge, my sweet, you’ve got to pay the toll."
- Ursula
Illustrator: Tanisha Cherislin
Franchise: The Little Mermaid

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Sources: Disney Lorcana TCG Companion App   

Other languages

Language Name Ability
French Plume En Forme D'arête  SIGNE!  Exert.png - Placez une carte de votre main dans votre réserve d'encre, face cachée.
German Fischgrätenfeder  UNTERSCHREIB DIE ROLLE, LOS!  - Exert.png - Lege 1 beliebige Karte aus deiner Hand verdeckt in deinen Tintenvorrat.


Release Card No. Name Rarity
August 18, 2023 168/204·EN·1 The First Chapter Rare.png Rare