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French Épuisée
German Erschöpft
Italian Impegnato
Other Information
First Set The First Chapter

Exert is the action of turning your card from the vertical position (Ready) to the horizontal position (Exerted).

An Item card is able to Exert on the turn that they are played.

A Character card is unable to Exert on the turn that they are played. In the Quick Start Guide, this is known as having to "wait for their Ink to dry". A player will be able to Exert their characters only if they were in play since the start of that turn (typically the following turn after they are played).

By Exerting a Character, a player will be able to Quest, Challenge an Exerted Character, Sing a Song card to pay for its Cost, or activate an Ability that requires the card to be Exerted.

There are abilities that allow you to Exert a Character. An example of such an Ability would be Elsa - Snow Queen's FREEZE Ability.

FREEZE - Exert chosen opposing character.