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Emerald Ink icon
French Émeraude
German Smaragd
Italian Smeraldo
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First Set The First Chapter
List of Cards (142 in total)

Emerald is one of the six official Ink colors as revealed by Ravensburger during Spiel Essen 2022.[1]

Each card belongs to 1 of the six available ink colors. Deck building restrictions in Core Constructed format allow up to 2 different ink colors in a deck in no particular proportion. Other Formats allow for any combination of colors.

Emerald Ink has been described by the Lorcana team as Emerald glimmers are among the most flexible and can adapt to overcome nearly any situation.”,[2] which seems to hint that Emerald Ink could be a toolbox type of Ink with a wide variety of different abilities.

"Emerald glimmers are flexible. Gifted with the ability to adapt to changing circumstances, they are never caught off guard. Quick-thinking but not necessarily book-smart, they navigate their environment—whether physical or social, natural or artificial—with ease."[3]

Ravensburger Creative Director Shane Hartley shared more characteristics for Emerald Glimmers, stating that "Emerald glimmers are flexible and can easily adapt as things change. I think this icon took the longest to develop, as it was difficult to create a visual of something that felt like it was elegantly bobbing, weaving and diving—but in a flat 2D shape."[4]



Emerald glimmers are friendly to Action cards, and are able to reduce their cost with Genie - Powers Unleashed and Dr. Facilier's Cards. Emerald glimmers can also recover them from the discard pile with Lady Tremaine - Wicked Stepmother and Do It Again!.

Notably, the card Mickey Mouse - Artful Rogue also triggers whenever its player plays an action.


Emerald glimmers can return cards in play back to their players' hands. This ability is seen on Cruella De Vil - Miserable as Usual, Genie - On the Job, and Mother Knows Best.


Emerald glimmers can force the opponent to discard cards, as shown on Flynn Rider - Charming Rogue and Sudden Chill. It shares this ability with Amber.


Emerald glimmers have access to the Evasive keyword, as seen on Genie - On the Job, Genie - Powers Unleashed, Peter Pan - Never Landing, and Tinker Bell - Most Helpful.

In addition to having this keyword, they can also grant it to others, as seen on Tinker Bell - Most Helpful.

It shares this ability with Amethyst and Ruby.

Granting Reckless / Quest Prevention

Emerald glimmers have the ability to grant Reckless to opposing characters, as shown on Iago - Loud‐Mouthed Parrot, John Silver - Alien Pirate, and The Beast is Mine!.

While Reckless prevents questing, Emerald glimmers are also sometimes more direct and simply prevent questing without making use of the Reckless keyword, as seen on Jasper - Common Crook, Mickey Mouse - Artful Rogue, and Mother Gothel - Selfish Manipulator.

Ruby is also able to grant Reckless, albeit in a far more limited capacity.

Lore Point Loss

Emerald glimmers are able to take away opponents' lore points, as shown on Steal from the Rich. It gets this ability less frequently than Ruby.

Punishing Challenges

Emerald glimmers can punish characters for challenging them, as seen on Cheshire Cat - Not All There, Cruella De Vil - Miserable as Usual, Flynn Rider - Charming Rogue, Kuzco - Temperamental Emperor, and Mad Hatter - Gracious Host. Unlike Amber, this ability is given to Emerald when they are on the receiving end of the challenge, not when they initiate a challenge themselves.

In a similar vein, Emerald glimmers often punish characters for being damaged, something that usually occurs through challenging. This can be seen on Beast - Wolfsbane and Stampede.

Revenge Banish

If an Emerald glimmer is banished in a challenge, they may banish the opposing character. This is seen on Cheshire Cat - Not All There and Kuzco - Temperamental Emperor. Unlike Amber, an Emerald glimmer only has this ability when being the one challenged, not when initiating.


Emerald glimmers have access to the Rush keyword, as shown on Beast - Wolfsbane. Unlike Amethyst and Ruby, Emerald is only able to have the Rush keyword itself, and lacks the ability to grant the keyword to others. Emerald also gets this ability less frequently than Amethyst and Ruby.


As Shift appears on all Floodborn cards, this includes Emerald glimmers such as Genie - Powers Unleashed and Mickey Mouse - Artful Rogue.

Strength Increase

Emerald glimmers have the ability to increase the strength of characters, as shown on Megara - Pulling the Strings, Vicious Betrayal, and Stolen Scimitar. It gets this ability more frequently than Ruby and Steel.


Emerald glimmers have access to the Ward keyword, as shown on Aladdin - Prince Ali and Kuzco - Temperamental Emperor. Unlike Sapphire, Emerald can only have the keyword itself, and not grant it to others.


Cruella De Vil - Miserable as Usual


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