Vicious Betrayal

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Vicious Betrayal

Card TypeAction
InkEmerald Emerald-Ink.png
Cost 1 Cost.png
Chosen character gets +2 strength.png this turn. If a Villain character is chosen, they get +3 strength.png instead.

"A true king takes matters into his own claws."
- Scar
Illustrator: Michaela Martin
Franchise: The Lion King


Sources: LorcanaHQ Discord   

Other languages

Language Name Ability
French Trahison Burtale Choisissez un personnage, il gagne +2 strength.png pour le reste de ce tour. S'il s'agit d'un personnage Méchant, il gagne +3 strength.png à la place.
German Grauenhafter Verrat Gib einem Charakter deiner Wahl in diesem Zug +2 strength.png. Wählst du eine Schurkin oder einen Schurken, dann gib dem Charakter stattdessen +3 strength.png.


Release Card No. Name Rarity
August 18, 2023 100/204·EN·1 The First Chapter Common.png Common