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Cruella De Vil - Miserable as Usual
Cruella De Vil - Miserable as Usual
first card revealed with the Villain Classification
GermanSchurke / Schurkin
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Villain is a Character Classification which features antagonist characters with an evil alignment.

Card Count

  Amber-Ink.png Amethyst-Ink.png Emerald-Ink.png Ruby-Ink.png Sapphire-Ink.png Steel-Ink.png Total
Villain 7 26 21 19 10 15 98

Abilities that mention Villain

Card Name Card Number Ink Card Type Cost Ability name Ability
Hades - King of Olympus 5/204·EN·1 Amber-Ink.png Amber Character 8 SINISTER PLOT This character gets +1 lore.png for each other Villain character you have in play.
Vicious Betrayal 100/204·EN·1 Emerald-Ink.png Emerald Action 1 Chosen character gets +2 strength.png this turn. If a Villain character is chosen, they get +3 strength.png instead.
Sword of Truth 136/204·EN·1 Ruby-Ink.png Ruby Item 4 FINAL ENCHANTMENT Banish this item – Banish chosen Villain character.
The Most Diabolical Scheme 131/204·EN·2 Ruby-Ink.png Ruby Action, Song 3 Banish chosen Villain of yours to banish chosen character.
Queen of Hearts - Wonderland Empress 20/204·EN·3 Amber-Ink.png Amber Character 3 ALL WAYS HERE ARE MY WAYS Whenever this character quests, your other Villain characters get +1 lore.png this turn.