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Captain Hook - Forceful Duelist
first card revealed with the Captain Classification
French Capitaine
German Kapitän / Kapitänin
Italian Capitano
Other Information
First Set The First Chapter
List of Characters (19 in total)

Captain is a Character Classification which features characters that command a ship (nautical or space).

Card Count

  Amber-Ink.png Amethyst-Ink.png Emerald-Ink.png Ruby-Ink.png Sapphire-Ink.png Steel-Ink.png Total
Captain 2 0 2 4 2 9 19

Abilities that mention Captain

Card Name Collector Number Ink Card Type Cost Ability name Ability
Starkey - Hook's Henchman 191/204·EN·1 Steel-Ink.png Steel Character 5 AYE AYE, CAPTAIN While you have a Captain character in play, this character gets +1 lore.png.
Mr. Smee - Bumbling Mate 184/204·EN·3 Steel-Ink.png Steel Character 2 OH DEAR, DEAR, DEAR At the end of your turn, if this character is exerted and you don't have a Captain character in play, deal 1 damage to this character.
Character  Origin  Storyborn  •  Dreamborn  •  Floodborn
Alignment  Hero  •  Villain  •  Ally  •  Mentor
Species / Occupation  Alien  •  Broom  •  Captain  •  Deity  •  Detective  •  Dragon  •  Fairy  •  Hyena  •  Inventor  •  King  •  Knight  •  Madrigal  •  Musketeer  •  Pirate  •  Prince  •  Princess  •  Puppy  •  Queen  •  Racer  •  Seven Dwarfs  •  Sorcerer  •  Tigger  •  Titan
Illumineer's Quest only  Entangled
Action  Song