Grab Your Sword

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Grab Your Sword

Card TypeAction · Song
InkSteel Steel-Ink.png
Cost 5 Costplain.png
(A character with cost 5 or more can Exert.png to sing this song for free.)
Deal 2 damage to each opposing character.

We don’t like
What we don’t understand
In fact, it scares us
Illustrator: Peter Brockhammer
Franchise: Beauty and the Beast


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Other languages

Language Name Ability
French Tuons La Bête (Vous pouvez Exert.png un personnage coûtant 5 ou plus pour chanter cette chanson gratuitement.)
Infligez 2 dommages à chaque personnage adverse.
German Nehmt Das Schwert (Du kannst einen Charakter, der 5 oder mehr kostet, Exert.png, damit er dieses Lied kostenlos singt.)
Fúge jedem gegnerischen Charakter 2 Schaden zu.


Release Card No. Name Rarity
August 18, 2023 198/204·EN·1 The First Chapter Rare.png Rare