Peter Pan - Fearless Fighter

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Peter Pan
Fearless Fighter
Card TypeCharacter
InkRuby Ruby-Ink.png
ClassificationStoryborn · Hero
Cost 3 Costplain.png
Lore1 Lore
Rush (This character can challenge the turn they're played.)

"Nobody calls Pan a coward and lives! I’ll fight you man-to-man, with one hand behind my back."
Illustrator: Anh Dang
Franchise: Peter Pan


Sources: Disney Lorcana TCG Companion App   

Other languages

Language Name Ability
French Peter Pan - Combattant intrépide Charge (Ce personnage peut défier le tour où il est joué.)
German Peter Pan - Furchtloser Kämpfer Rasant (Dieser Charakter kann im selben Zug herausfordern, in dem er ausgespielt wird.)


Release Card No. Name Rarity
August 18, 2023 119/204·EN·1 The First Chapter Common.png Common