Stitch - New Dog

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This card is not available in Italian

Shift options
Floodborn versions
Version Ink Cost Strength Willpower Lore Value Rarity Shift Cost
Rock Star Amber-Ink.png Amber Inkable 6.png Strength Amber 3.png Willpower Amber 5.png Lore.pngLore.pngLore.png Super Rare2.png Super Rare 4 Cost-plain black.png
Storyborn and Dreamborn versions
Version Ink Cost Strength Willpower Lore Value Rarity
Abomination Ruby-Ink.png Ruby Inkable 6.png Strength Ruby 4.png Willpower Ruby 6.png Lore.pngLore.pngLore.png Rare2.png Rare
Carefree Surfer Amber-Ink.png Amber Inkable 7.png Strength Amber 4.png Willpower Amber 8.png Lore.pngLore.png Legendary2.png Legendary
Covert Agent Emerald-Ink.png Emerald Inkable 5.png Strength Emerald 3.png Willpower Emerald 3.png Lore.pngLore.png Rare2.png Rare
Little Rocket Ruby-Ink.png Ruby Uninkable 2.png Strength Ruby 3.png Willpower Ruby 1.png Lore.png Common2.png Common
New Dog Amber-Ink.png Amber Inkable 1.png Strength Amber 2.png Willpower Amber 2.png Lore.png Common2.png Common


Release Card No. Set Rarity
August 18, 2023 22/204·EN·1 The First Chapter Common.png Common