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To Do list

Like any other Wiki, Mushu Report is a collaborative effort that relies on its community to offer the most updated and correct information regarding Disney Lorcana. Therefore, constant improvement and reviewing from Users is highly appreciated. The following is a list of the ongoing efforts that other Users have located within the Mainspace pages and that anyone can help with:

Ongoing tasks
Cards text correction, typos and grammatical errors.
  • Being the most important pages for the Wiki, Card pages are protected to prevent possible vandalism.
  • Please add a note into Talk:Mushu Report:ToDo if a text in any language needs fixing and a Card Curator will gladly apply the change as soon as possible.
Missing images and artwork upload
  • Any artwork from official sources such as:
    • Official Disney Lorcana site
    • Official Disney Lorcana social media accounts
    • Official products
    • Illustrators artwork (relevant)
One-time tasks
Improve Illustrator's pages
  • Illustrator's individual pages need more accurate descriptions on the artist's careers including:
    • Important companies on their career paths.
    • Missing links to any social media.
Add any Rulings relevant to any Card, Keyword or Gamplay element coming from official sources.
  • If a page exist please add the new Ruling into it.
  • If a page doesn't exist please create one to add the Ruling.
Add any Errata texts from different printings including:
Improve Promo Cards information
  • Standardization needed
Wiki projects
New Card Set
  • Covers all steps necessary to add a new Card Set to Mushu Report, from announcement to release.